DGI 2017 (past event)

23 - 25 January, 2017

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The Growing Importance of Geospatial Intelligence

Geospatial technology is going through an unprecedented period of growth, 10-15% a year with an estimated value of $100bn. Vast improvement in the management of data, ever improving standards and interoperability. Advances in sensor resolution and fusion have made a huge difference; however, we are still some way from taking full advantage to what this technology can truly offer.

Post Event Report

Take a look at the Post Event Report for DGI 2016. Some of the key highlights included: General Sir Richard Barrons, Commander, Joint Forces Command, UK MoD provided a vision for the future of networked operations in the UK centred on a digital culture of data and information sharing, highlighting the associated risks and threats ahead. Key to future security for UK citizens is greater cohesion between traditional elements of armed services and a newly skilled force able to meet new threats emanating from cyberspace. General Mikhail Kostarakos, Chairman, EU Military Committee provided the DGI audience with a deeper understanding of new challenges facing military leaders in Europe and responses from different nations as to how to solve them. Among the biggest challenges is political upheaval in the Middle East driving an increase in immigration into Europe and the implications for national security. Major General James Hockenhull, Director, Cyber Intelligence and Information Integration (DCI3), UK MoD challenged the international geospatial intelligence community to consider 5 key enablers of future successful collaboration: 1) Everything must change and be challenged; 2) Skills need to be continuously developed; 3) Data is king and must be central in all planning; 4) Established systems and processes may not be fit for purpose; 5) We must always be ready for the next threat, which is likely to be unfamiliar. Pascal Legai, Director, EU Satellite Centre introduced new activities and priorities for the EU Satellite Centre in 2016 as well as a review of geospatial support provided over the past year to a wide range of mission types from crisis management to more security focused scenarios. Challenges in the future include accelerating the dissemination of geospatial information to all needful parties, a task the EU Sat Centre plans to focus on as a priority.

Attendee List

Thinking about attending DGI 2017? Want to know who attended this year? Let me tell you, you’ll be impressed with who we had attend. Each year DGI strives to cover your biggest Defence and Security GEOINT challenges so don’t miss out. Fill your details below to download the 2016 attendee list. Leading global geospatial intelligence experts attend and speak at DGI because they know it is the only meeting place to allow them to explore solutions to the biggest challenges they face today. 600 geospatial intelligence professionals use this conference as a platform to learn, network and evaluate best-in-class solution providers.

GeoConnexion-Article-Marching the step

Spain’s government and army found that they were repeating many of the same geospatial tasks, so decided to combine two separate databases into one. However, integrating everything into a single schema and then updating it proved a formidable task. Chris Tagg explains how the challenge was met and overcome